CAL stands for Crochet Along – when a group of people get together to crochet the same project. It’s all the fun of crochet but with a group. You make new friends, and get inspired seeing everyone else’s progress. Blanket CALs are great if you’ve never completed a blanket before too – doing it as a group will help you stay motivated. Every year there are many different blogs that offer crochet blanket cals. If you’re looking for some crochet fun for 2023, check these out:

The Terrific Textures Sampler Throw features 20 squares showcasing a different textured crochet stitch. A new square will be published on The Unraveled Mitten every 2 weeks on Mondays starting January 15, 2024. Finish your blanket by the end of October.

A new section will be released every Monday and Friday for 7 weeks, starting January 1st.

a free CAL with 30 hexagons, with each hexagon featuring a different mosaic pattern. New hexagons will be released at 10 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on Tuesdays.

moogly cal

24 afghan squares from 24 designers; January 11 to November 27

If you need something to work on between CAL parts, take a look at some of the patterns we have here!

  • Crochet Blocks and Motifs
  • Colorwork Patterns